Our Mission

LessonReel is a new platform for teachers where you can find: 

  • Curated classroom video of outstanding teachers in action 
  • The documents, slides, and other materials these teachers used to work their magic 
  • Classroom videos of instructional strategies and any materials you need to execute them, sorted by topic and content area 
  • Interviews with great teachers on all aspects of their practice

We're currently in our pilot phase and are working to develop content for secondary history and science teachers, but we intend to expand to cover all core subjects

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world
— Nelson Mandela

What We Have, and What's coming:

  • Pilot lessons and documents for high school chemistry classes
  • A classroom management section to help you get 100% of students on task 100% of the time
  • Teacher interviews to shed light on the practices and rationales shown in our videos
  • Coming soon: more chemistry lessons, pilot history lessons, more interviews, and profiles of other key strategies.